HURRAH !!!!!!!

The boxcar has been carefully refurbished from top to bottom. It was done with much care and love. IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! HATS OFF! and loud cheers for the very dedicated Greg Morrisette. He has worked tirelessly to finish what he calls a labor of love. It is now very strong and snug. We have new exhibits and new activities. Please come. We are looking forward to sharing our “NEW” Boxcar Museum with you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF THE MUSEUM WILL BE OPEN FOR YOUR VISIT ON VERY HOT WEEKENDS. Our air conditioner cannot cool the space down enough for the comfort of our visitors and docents. If you planned or are planning to visit from out of town, a tour (EVEN THOUGH THE MUSEUM IS CLOSED) can be arranged with the museum director by calling 860-207 6044.. Thank you.